Scaling happiness across offices and individuals
InstaOffice | Product | 2015-16

InstaOffice started initially as a freelance project for making their website for launch. Working together made us realise that there is a lot that we can achieve together and I joined them as their first employee on board on Sep 2015. Sometime in February, we launched our first coworking space in Gurgaon.

Over the time I took on multiple roles - Designer, Tech lead, Marketing lead, product manager but mostly they all involved some level of design thinking. This case study is focussed on the design aspect of it.

InstaOffice team
Building the InstaOffice brand

InstaOffice brand grew mainly from our tag line “Happy offices for everyone”. The idea was to show happiness and diversity. People should feel that we have an office space for every team and that their team would love coming to office everyday.

The logo

A square which represented an open space & smile that shows happiness.

InstaOffice logo
Color palette

Bold and bright colors. We wanted the brand to stand for a new way of working, to show happiness, energy and freshness.

InstaOffice color pallette
Voice and tone guide

At InstaOffice, we always referred our personality as the one of Alfred in Batman movies. And you would often find the team saying - But Alfred would never crack such a joke, that's not how Alfred speaks. As the team grows, it became easier to scale this feeling across the team.

Digital products

For an organization that wanted to open new spaces on scale, technology acted as the enabler. The products we built were the website, Android and iOS apps, internal dashboards and internal operations apps.

Mobile app

I led a team of remote developers to build our Android and iOS apps. These apps would let our members manage their in-office experience, connect with other team members, book meeting rooms, stay upto date with events and stories from the community.


Our website was the one of the major sources of lead generation as well as information gathering. Purpose of the website expanded to generating leads and to showcase our properties, community, events and it’s members


Grid was an online portal for connecting our community members . It would allow collaboration as well as help upcoming startups with trusted network of mentors, freelancers and services.

Designing the entire service

User experience is sum of all the interactions a user has with the product. Marketing campaigns, sales calls, emails, customer support, interactions with the operations team, events, biilling and accounts and so on. At InstaOffice, we treated UX as a function of summation across all these touchpoints.

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Marketing, Events & Photography

A part of the work of team was also to take care of Marketing graphics, Photography, Offline collaterals and putting together events.

InstaOffice marketing graphics

The idea was to give the happy feeling consistenly across all mediums by using bolder colors, good photography and well crafted copy.

The team behind this

At InstaOffice, I was leading the desgin, tech and marketing team at thes same time. Hence the team I worked with was a mix of graphic designers, content writers, photographers, marketing people and developers. bunch of very nice interns. Since I was leading design, tech and marketing at the same time, my team also consists of marketing people and developers.

Design - Ashfaq KP, Musarrat Alam, Tripti Gupta, Harshita Srivastava
Marketing - Kartika Dubey, Aditya Singh, Shivam Saraogi
Tech - Praveen Singh, Pramod Sharma, Ankit Kumar